3D Printing via Melt Electrowriting (MEW)

Melt electrostatic writing (MEW) is an additive manufacturing technology that direct-writes with small diameter filaments. These range from sub-micron in diameter up to over 100µm, depending on the polymer and printing conditions.  Medical polymers can be 3D printed via MEW into soft/flexible scaffolds with nano- and microscale structures for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.

Now at the University of Oregon, USA, the DaltonLab continues pushing the boundaries of manufacturing. MEW provides a solvent-free approach to layering of small fibers for producing fine and flexible structures that are cell invasive. Fiber diameter and placement can be controlled using a digital signal – the design is up to your imagination.

For further information on this technology, feel free to contact me at pdalton(at)uoregon.edu.

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